CelebGist: Harrysongz and Five-Star Music In Legal Battle With QuestionMark

‘Mandela Song’ crooner Harrysongz has been embroiled in a legal battle with his former record label,or should we say,still-contracted-to Record label QuestionMark,over breach of contract. QueestionMark claim MrSongz signed a contract with the label back in 2009 which is yet to expire. However Harrysongz signed for Kcee’s Five-Star Music recently. QuesstionMark have issued a warning to Five-Star Music but Harrysongz while speaking to HipTV said ‘My brother no mind dem o,they are distractors. I can’t comment on this because I know nothing about it’. But a picture appeared online showing Harrysongz with the CEO of QuestionMark. QuestionMark released a press statement saying any dealings any other label has with Mr Songz is null as his contract with them still stands…. Whichever way the saga ends,all we are craving for is more good music from HarrySongz… We hope he can get his acts together in due time.
Posted by W4 @wallexdinho


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