I am single and not expecting any child -Davido

Davido has been associated with a lot of ladies, not to blame him, he is young and handsome and got the money like Justin Bieber and Wizkid, ladies will always get close to him and the desperate ones will want to take their crush a little further by implicating him…However, Davido still got a lot to do with these ladies behaviours, just this January, a lady from the Caribbean, hot and sexy Sunshine Haye had said Davido is the father of his unborn twins. Just as we are trying to investigate if this story was true, we caught him kissing a model and video vixen, Faith who came to Nigeria for her valentine, well, it is not the first time things like this is happening to the ‘Skelewu crooner’, he had it hot last year when Pendo, a controversial lady from Kenya captured him sleeping …Whatever that happened we do not know but Davido is tired of these allegations from ladies. In a simple explanation , Davido took care of the rumours ‘‘Time to clear the rumours…I am single and I am not expecting kids…thank you. Back to the regular schedule program’. Posted by W4 @wallexdinho


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