Write-Up: Thanks Be To God

Sometimes I wonder,do w deserve to live, you might be wondering why I ask such a provocative question. But if you think deep you would see that we don’t deserve it,its not a right,its not a birth-right… Its a priviledge. And who gives such priviledge? Almighty GOD. If you call him Allah,Jehovah or GOD… We all mean the same thing…
Many of us will wake up and just stroll lazily away from our bed. When was the last time you woke up and you said ‘Thank You Lord for the gift of sleeping and waking’? So many people must have slept and never woke up… They woke up on the other side. You sleep everyday and you wake up to this beautiful world without thankinng that benevolent father who made it possible. Many a-times have I slept and all I keep thinking is what if I don’t wake up,what if I wake up without a leg or a hand?? But lo and behold, I am stile alive with all organs intact… Why won’t you say ordinary ‘Thank You’ to GOD??
Nobody will be blamed the day you wake up on the other side,the best we will all do is to offer condolences. Please, learn to thank this good Lord for gift of life… He is good to us… So learn to thank Jah, because Jah’s Love is Truly True.
Posted by SMD @sm_demigod


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