Of MIA Brain cells,the letter and other stories…

Loool…. The post you will read below was sent in by a team member.. So funny and thoughtful… Enjoy

So, I have been away all this while trying to sort out some life of pie and other real life issues. While all the sorting was going on, my brain cells decided to go on leave; writing became a chore. I mean a real chore

Such hard times!

Everything I wrote lacked wit and imagination and was as blonde as Mileey Sighrus. Really, I do not blame my brain cells, they were being underutilised for routine and mundane stuff such as trying to understand the dose-response relationship of drugs/toxicants (Don’t bother to ask what that is.) So I decided to take a break and become a couch potato for one day

Erm…minus the pot belly sha…

(Yes I skipped one day of classes…erm…let my daddy not be reading this).

In the meantime, I went trolling for ideas on what to write about. Thankfully, Dr. Jinmi in his infinite wisdom came to my rescue; he asked me to write a letter.

“Letter to what?” I had to ask.

“Letter to your 25 year old self”. He replied in the chat.

At this point, let me say that I rolled my eyes, hissed and scowled at my phone. I mean, in my head I was like “in a world of global warming and Boko Haram and dearth of common sense, a letter to the future me is the best idea for a blog post you could come up with”

Bet why, Jinmi?

 Okay, so maybe I was a bit a dramatic lied in my description of my response to the idea. I did not roll my eyes or anything of that sort. I was damn grateful! It was the single best idea (no thanks to the holidaying brain cells) that I have had for a blog post in weeks. I decided to humour him and surprisingly, I had loads to tell myself. So I wrote the letter. Enjoy ******************************************                           

My drab room,

Somewhere in Ogbomoso, 21st February, the year of our Lord 2014.   

Dear 25 year old me,

It is in a state of semi-quarter life crisis that I write this. So, I have to tell you; you had better not be experiencing any quarter life crisis! No matter what! Do not be experiencing any life crisis. That settled. Let’s get to more important issues.

Firstly, let me tell you; I am awesome, but I know you would be more awesome. Never let anything diminish your level of awesomeness. People and circumstances will tell you otherwise, do not listen to them. You are awesome.

Let your life at that time be all figured out. Okay, maybe not totally, but have at least 85% of your life all figured. You do not want to be the 25 year old ‘directionless-neighbourhood bros ‘. Be living a settled life. You are in a better position to understand my definition of settled.

Let your feeling of self worth have increased exponentially. You know what I’m worth, do not be feeling any less than a hundred percent increase of self worthiness that I feel right now.

Let your Happiness Index (HI) still be determined by you and you alone; be as proactive as ever, do not be in active pursuit of happiness, it is always around you. Be happy always.

To other equally important issues; do not! I repeat-do not!-Be living the life of pie. You don’t want a repeat of the incidence two days ago, where that church usher I always say hi to, told me that she had always thought I was a pre-degree student. Let me tell that even though I found it funny and laughed, you will not find it funny. I do not want people to still think you are a teenager. So, sport a beard if you have to, but not Boko Haramish o; whatever you do, do not be living a life of pie.

Be as sapiosexual as ever; never let that standard drop. Future Mrs, take note.

Be a better writer than I am. Be getting paid for every word you write. Writing is my plan B for you. You know that hill top mansion I always dreamed for you and the numerous travels I am planning for you. The money is not going to fall from heaven, so either have a day job, or let your writing be fetching you the big bucks like aunty Chimamanda.

Never ever forget your source; I made an agreement with HIM for you, HE will always hold you no matter what, come fire, come rain. And in the words of my Ideal Reader; “do not apologise for the blessings of God in your life” You owe nobody any explanation as to why you are blessed.

Lastly, I want you to read this on your 25th birthday, and smile because, even though, everything may not have gone as planned, you’d still be able to take satisfaction in the fact that you abided by the words in this letter to the best of your ability.         

                      20-something-years-old you.  

P.S: I do not make a habit of skipping classes (I take my academics seriously *side eye).

P.P.S: I still love postscripts.

P.P.P.S: Jinmi’s birthday is in days…*runs away

Looool…. Mehn me sef dey laff…
Posted by Tomiwa @uber_tommy


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