CelebGist: I am ready to take off my clothes to act- Sylvia Oluchy

Nollywoodis about to be transformed into aa home for nudity with the crop of actress coming up. The latest actress to voice out on nudity is Sylvia Oluchy who says she is ready to take off her clothes and act.
She said there is no limit to what she
can do in a movie. Even if you want her to go all nude
just let her know and you have it. No excuse. Below is
what the séxy Oluchy told Best of Nollywood:
“I don’t have any boundaries because my body is
my laptop [to make money]. Others have their
laptops and files [in their offices], what I have is
my body and voice. Even the concept of nudity, I
don’t have any problems whatsoever.
“But it has to make sense, if it enriches the story
and is done tastefully, I mean sometimes you can
see nudity been done for a good reason, like in
the west, they could take off their clothes to
“Like I said, I don’t have problem with nudity, I
just want it to make sense”.

Omo this is serious…
Posted by SMD @sm_demigod


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