Article: Poor Publicity wont get ASUP anything.

Its really killing and disheartening to know that we are been led by vision-less and unreliable leaders.
Did you know that the Academic Staff Union Of Polytechnics (ASUP) has been on strike for a while now? Let me guess,you are answer is NO! Some might even answer saying ‘Does ASUP exist?’ This is what is making me sad. The last time ASUP went on a 3-months strike,nobody got wind of the strike until it was 2-months old. I didn’t go home during the strike and my dad didn’t bother calling me to ask where I was. Why? He never heard of any ASUP strike. He was in his house thinking ‘My dear son would be in the lecture room now’.
Our parents have invested all their resources and investments to ensure that we get quality education,in the normal duration set,but reverse is the case.
Who is ASUP’s president? Who is ASUP’s media publicist? I remember that during the 3-months old strike,anytime I tuned my television hoping something would be said about the strike,but no,my hopes were always dashed.
I can still recall that the strike started,it was late into April last year. Nobody knew about the strike,apart from we the students obviously,until mid June. Even we the students were in dark over the strike. I tried monitoring the strike but to no avail. I went to ASUP’s official site but nothing was there. And I started wondering,do we really have ASUP? I only got info from a guy on twitter (don’t think I can remember his handle now).
ASUP’s strike only came to lime-light when students were fed-up and they staged mass-but-peaceful protests. Shoutout to my fellow students at Yaba College Of Technology,Lagos Polytecnic,Federal Polytechnic Ilaro and others I didn’t mention. Another thing that turned the world’s attention to our strike was ASUU’s well publicised and well strategised strike.
Back to the present,
A new strike has begun ever since and as usual,its total obscurity for ASUP. I wonder how you want the goverment to attend to you when nobody knows you are on strike,when nobody (media,activists,blogs,clerics…) is pressurizing them. To be candid,if not for the fact that I am a student of Yabatech THAT HAS BEEN EVER PRESENT ON CAMPUS EVEN DURING THE HOLIDAYS I wouldn’t know of the strike.
Another fault of ASUP is their lack of organization. Not all the schools have joined this strike. I have been in Abeokuta for days now and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) is still running its session. How do you expeect to achieve your goal if your ‘house’ is not in order. It would be recalled that no University backed out of the ASUU strike until the FG answered them. A friend Olaiya Olawale (W4) reported for SMD_Nation that ASUP vows to continue the strike and I was like ‘Yaay,we go die for house be dat‘.
My plea goes to ASUP,please get more publicity before you go on a ‘toothless’ strike that may jeopardise our future. And to my fellow bloggers please,help publicise ASUP strike. Please,don’t let us ‘die’ at home with nobody knowing. Thank you.
P.S.- ASUP pls take no offence,I was angry when I was writing this.
P.S.S- Yabatech students pls cry out.

Posted by SMD @sm_demigod


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