Article: Still, nobody’s saying a thing about ASUP strike

I think this time I have to scream on top of voice! Seems my last article about this ASUP strike moved just a very little fragment of the populace. The ones who are concerned didn’t read it… So sad…
No one is talking, no one is raising their voice…
The only voice I hear is the ‘barking of the toothless dog’ ASUP! How do you intend to get the FG to listen to you if your publicity about the strike is way,way below par. None of the nation’s dailies,newspaper,media houses is saying a thing.
I doubt if they know about it.
How many TV stations have ASUP gone to just to get Nigeria to know about its hardship?
The FG is punishing ASUP by not fulfilling their promise,yes we know that, but what big step is ASUP taking to over-turn that?
I will keep on screaming because I am laying at home jobless,because hundred of thousands of students are lying at home jobless.
I was talking to a student of the Federal Polytechnic of Ilaro and all she could mutter were ‘Songs of Lamentations’. How long would we lament? I guess it boils down to we the students to do ASUP’s job.
Till ASUP wakes up and stop acting like a dumb,and toothless dog,I won’t stop talking.

Posted by SMD @sm_demigod


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