POEM: When Will This Violence Stop? (In Honour of Students killed in Yobe State)

Down North of Nigeria
Its all ‘bruhaha’ and ‘wahala’
Every day they wake up to Boko Haram
Those of us here enjoy laughter
But these kids are always in fear
News of 8,9,10,12 year olds
Dying so cold.
Instead it be them,let it be me
Since I would die inevitably
Some others not me
Is able to see
That as long as we live in a country
A country that’s not safe
Where no one is safe
The rich ones try to escape
The truth,goverment try to evade
Must we sacrifice their bloods
For these evil ones for long?
Students in school
Trying to be something cool
Trying to be useful
To this country by being someting in future
But yet there life is cut short
Do we have to look on
As future leaders die young?
Most of them my age
Most of them my mate
Some of them were cute ‘Miss Lane’
Let somebody keep the memory
Memory of the way they died
Maybe a change,maybe somebody can try
So by then we can say
Tomorrow is better,but no not this day
Maybe some other can pray
Some other can fight
The wrong done to me,some other can right
Then maybe that can save another life
Do we still want another young soul to die?
*sobs*When I die,when I am gone
The reason am gone
Let it be known
It feels like I stood there watching
The brutal killing
And I added my silence
To their violent screams
Are we really gonna keep silent?
Are we going to stay doing nothing?
Must we watch them continue their killings?
Maybe it will end when it is Jonathan’s children
Some parents out there have their hopes dampen
Hopes of a better future via their children….

RIP to all those 49 students killed in Yobe State
I imagine if I were to be in such state
Such situation….
RIP RIP to every single one of y’all

Posted by SMD @sm_demigod with a heavy laden heart


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