Write-Up: Why wont you want to succeed?

Success, success, success. A lot of people keep mentioning this massive word without knowing how important it is to human existence. Success is success, no matter your field. Once your achievements keep coming in multiple folds,then you are a success. Some find success in doing what they please,some in what they desire,some in what they dream of.
Some might be shocked with my headline ‘Why won’t u want to succeed?’ You will ask yourself, who doesn’t want to succeed? Well everybody claim they want to succeed but some won’t! Why? The things you do to attain that success will tell either you want to succeed. I once tweeted ‘People be sitting at home saying Money Must Be Made without a job,my brother the only thing you will make is continued poverty’ I tweeted.
Its a really good thing to dream,but please brother, wake up and work that dream. You dreams will remain ‘dreams’ if you don’t work to achieve those dreams. Martin Luther King JR said ‘I have a DREAM…’ He didn’t stop at just dreaming, he made moves to make sure that dream became a reality and alas, it is a reality now.
Some people are the reason why they won’t succeed. Look at the terrain in Nigeria. Every wise man now knows that a certificate won’t guarantee you success (Don’t get me wrong,education is vital). You just have to think outside the box. Aliko Dangote (pictured below) is Africa’s richest man. He studied Business Studies in school but today he is making real cash out of mass production. Your academics will only be a vital-added advantage to whatever you do. The long list of rich people in Nigeria is made up of people outside the school walls. Don’t just say ‘Ok I studied Mechanical Engineering in school,I am guaranteed success’ No way pal,it doesn’t work that way.
First thing is conception. Get an idea of what you want to do with your life. Then work on it. Work,work,work on it until you get there.
Also don’t let what people say about you deter you from where you are going. Ben Carson (pictured below) was an academic reject. In his fifth grade,teachers and class mates alike all tod him he won’t amount to anything. But look at him today, he is one of the best,if not the best neuro-surgeon in the world.
My brother,DON’T GIVE UP on your dream. Just thrive to make them happen. Dream on but don’t be caught and stranded in dreamland. You will get there. I will get there. We will get there. Bless. Have a nice month.

Posted by SMD @sm_demigod

Ben Carson

Ben Carson

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote


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