CelebGist: Lil Wayne goes broke? See the debt he has incurred

Lil Wayne allegedly owes the American government more than 12 million dollars in taxes and has been asked to pay up or face the law! However he allegedly says,
F**k you Uncle Sam!
According to TMZ, the Got Money crooner failed to pay taxes for 2011 and 2012; amounting his debt to a staggering $5,843,952 and $6,311,132 the following year.
The Cash Money Young Money boss faces more financial issues this year as it’s also reported that he owed $7 million for back taxes in 2008 -2009, but he cleared the debt in 2012.
Earlier in 2012, Weezy famously lost a case against Quincy Jones‘ son after thumbing his nose at the court.  A jury socked Wayne for $2.2 mil.
Well, according to Forbes, Wayne is worth $135 MILLION so why can’t he pay his taxes? Tunechi alone can answer that.

Posted by SMD @sm_demigod


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