ODD: Gay man turns into beautiful damsel after surviving fire accident

The unbelievable story of a homosexual man, who became a beautiful lady after having been set ablaze in a random attack.

Russel in the past and Tori Banks in the present was hospitalized with 30 per cent burns to his upper body after a hoodlum named Mitchell Dean had thrown lighter fuel thrown on him and set him on fire.

First he was in a deep coma with almost no chance of survival. However, when Russel managed to regain consciousness and saw himself in the mirror, he ­contemplated suicide.
Tori explains that she didn’t look or feel like Russel any more… Until he decided to change for someone else, believing he could become anything he wanted.

At that time Russel looked back on his childhood years and remembered realising he fancied boys for the first time and being told by people he was gay.

Tori added:
“So that was what I accepted. But deep down it wasn’t that. I was born in the wrong body, but I’d suppressed it. Everything I used to be had been stripped away and I was left with one thing – a woman. Tori was the phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Posted by SMD @sm_demigod


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