WriteUp: Who Am I?

You really need to ask yourself this quesstion

You really need to ask yourself this quesstion

Been a while in this category right? You haven’t seen a post in our Creative Writing category in a while? You are right,you are not mistaken. I wouldn’t lie to you guys, I ran out of inspiration on things to write. I just stuck to other categories on our blog.
But today as I opened the blog’s official twitter account @SMD_Nation I saw a tweet by a follower @uncle_ajala,the tweet was “Who Am I? Am an architect”. Tweeps started pouring in ‘who they are’ I did so too. But I saw more in that tweet. And I was like “dude,use your head. Why don’t you write on this”. Then I started thinking.
Now though @UNCLE_AJALA may have meant something else but I saw more in the question. He meant what you do for a living but what I saw in that question was ‘Your Personality’? ‘When people see you,what do they see?’ ‘What do they think of you?’
Who you really are is determined by what you portray to people! What people actually think about you. To you, you might feel “Oh they hold me in esteem, cos they know how rich I am. I always let them know that” but dude you might be mistaken. They may see you as that arrogant peacock, as that ass that boasts about his riches. That is who you truly are,because that is what people see in you. Let me use twitter as a case study. Some tweeps are the cool type ‘in their normal lives’. They are cultured,mannered,gentle… But when they come on twitter, just for the sake of gaining followers, they become uncensored,they start tweeting arrant nonsense, things they wouldn’t dare do in their ‘normal life’. But to your fellow tweeps, that is who you are, the ‘uncensored,ill-mannered tweep’. They don’t care who you truly are in your normal life because this is all they see.
So now I ask ‘Who Are You?’ ‘How do people look at you?’ I have a cousin who held me in very very very high esteem, but I did just one stupid thing and I lost that respect! I ‘fammed’ like he would say. He knows who I am truly but because of that one mistake, I lost it. Now I am trying to creep back into his heart, back into that ‘high place’ he placed me.
You all will also have that one person who knows ‘Who You truly are’ but don’t blow it because you want to feel among.
So I ask again, Who Are You? Answer that and make adjustments if you have to. Bless.

P.S- Kindly follow @UNCLE_AJALA he is a cool tweep.
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P.S.S- If you feel that this article is crap,pls tell me, I think am running out of inspiration to write.

Posted by SMD for @SMD_Nation

Who Am I?

Who Am I?


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