News: Yabatech students to stage protests on the streets of Lagos over ASUP strike

The Student Union Goverment of the foremost polytechnic in Nigeria, Yaba College of Technology will on Friday stage a massive protest on the streets of Lagos to show their disappointment over the on-going ASUP strike.
The union led by its President Comrade Salvador Ganiu, will take off from the college 10:00am on the 14th of March and proceed to major streets of Lagos, especially the always-busy Ikorodu Road to express the grieviances over the ASUP that looks never-ending.
SMD_Nation got wind of the planned strike through the Assistant Secretary General of the SUG, Comrade Kehinde Kassim. But the protest was made public when memos were pasted all over the campus.
It will be recalled that students of Yabatech in collaboration with some other polytechnics staged a similar protest last year during the 3-months ASUP strike. The protest seemed effective as it caused grid-lock on the Ikorodu Road. Major Media houses who never said a thing about the strike were forced to cover the protest and make it public.
The SUG also announced there will be a press briefing also.

So we at SMD_Nation call out on every polytechnic students to join their comrades at Yabatech to make the protest effective. We are saddened over the longetivity of the strike and the lack of publicity the strike has gotten. Like they will say, Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.

Posted by SMD for @SMD_Nation


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