ODD: Woman arrested for torturing young cousin because she bed wets

A 27 year old woman working as a security guard, Joy Amodu has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly torturing her 10 year old cousin because she bedwets.

The victim was allegedly tortured for several hours until she collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. Joy is said to have beat her repeatdly with a spatula, whilst also inflicting bites on the girl. Not stopping there, she rubbed Aboniki balm in the girls privates and eyes, leaving her wounded and traumatized.

When she fainted, she was rushed to several hospitals who rejected her until the military hospital in Ikoyi took her in.

Lagos State Police Command spokesperson recounts, “On February 29, 2014, the police at Onikan Division got information that a little girl was in one hospital in critical condition. The officers went there and found the victim with her face and hands swollen as a result of beating.

“The victim was later referred to the Military Hospital, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi for better treatment.

“An NGO, Hands that Cares, was invited into the case by a good Nigerian. The NGO said it would settle the girl’s hospital bills, but called for Amodu’s prosecution.

“The State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, has investigated the case and the suspect will be charged to court. We are going to prosecute the case in collaboration with the NGO.”

The suspect said, “I am very sorry for my action. I did not envisage what happened. The first time she wet the bed, I warned her to stop bedwetting because she is too old for that. She was left under my care by her father who is my uncle, so I needed to correct her.

“This is the second time she wet the bed and I needed to teach her a lesson. As I was beating her, she passed out.

“She was released to me by her father when I told him about the strange sickness that used to hit me because I was lonely and needed a companion.”

Posted by SMD for @SMD_Nation


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