Write-Up: Saving the sinking boat as things fall apart, #BringBackOurGirls, Nyanya Blast and Others

Followers, readers and fans of the blog would be asking themselves ‘What went wrong?’ ‘What happened to SMD, Wallexdinho, Thowbby, Josh and others on the team?’ ‘What is happening at SMD_Nation?’. Some must have developed understandable fears… Well things have not been well at the Nation. But I will spare you the details, we just want to apologise to every one for our absence that spanned up to 3 weeks (22 days precisely). We want to assure you that we are back and we are back better!
The title of this article (our first since our sudden absence) should have been Salvaging The Sinking Boat as Things Fall Apart but to take up everything I want to write about, I expanded it to talk about lingering national issues. Issues that were hot topics while we were absent. During the period of absence I monitored happenings around.


Things fell apart, I must admit. Some must have said ‘a serious blog can’t afford to be inactive for a week’. I agree on that, but we were inactive for 3weeks!!! OMG! Things really fell apart. So many things have happened to me in particular! Physically, psychologically and all sort. I had to battle through it all because the blog was on the suffering end of it all. Other members of the team also have been down with one thing or the other. And other members have just been non-challant. Yoruba would say ‘ Igba ishoro ni a mo ore gidi‘ (meaning- A good friend is known during the hard times). Well guess something like this had to happen for me to know. But I can’t sit on the floor and let things fall apart! I just have to rise up, and set things straight. You see, every business is like a boat travelling on a sea, you just have to do everything possible for it not to sink. SMD_Nation’s boat was almost sinking, but we have to rise up and save this boat from sinking, make sure this boat is never sinking! During our inactivity, some spited us, some told me and Wallexdinho ‘You people are jokers, just give it up, your boat sunk already’ buh am not giving up without a fight! Am going to salvage this boat and make sure it won’t sink. We are going to take this boat right to its destination, the top!
It all takes hardwork, teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and prayer! And we are ready to give all it takes! Take it from me, this blog’s going all the way to the top!!!


During my absence, people rallied round to get back the girls that were kidnapped in Borno state. I followed the issue to an extent, I heard of the UK and the US readiness to help find the girls. Till today nothing is happening! No one knows where these poor souls are. I can recollect vividly when Jonathan’s cousin was kidnapped, it took just something over a week, the man was back with his family. These girls, if am not mistaken, have spent up to a month in an unknown destination!!! Why do we have to do things this way? Why do the rich and affluent always have to get everything? Why do the poor have to suffer everything? For God sake, these girls could be undergoing daily rape in the hand of their captors! Some could have been killed for resisting! Who knows? The parents of these girls have been plunged into daily sorrow! Why?!!! Why, Nigeria why?!!! What is happening to the UK and US resolve to help? Who is blocking them from helping? We need to get this girls back if our government would like to redeem their pledge to humanity.
And I heared of football stars adding their voices to all these! Kenneth Omeruo, Brown Ideye, Shola Ameobi. Thumbs up to you all. I say to the authorities involved, #BringBackOurGirls.

Nyanya Bomb blast and others

Every news in the country has been a sad one. Evil every where, sorrow and sadness everywhere.
The spate of bombing in the country has sky rocketed. Can it ever stop? Our prayer is for it to stop. But nobody’s doing a thing to stop it! Our government are waiting for the next attack before they come out to pick up dead bodies from the streets. What is happening in Nigeria? The Nyanya Blast is a tragic story. Just hours before the blast, a friend was telling me how formidable he thinks the capital’s security was. At hearing the news of the Nyanya blast, he was forced to curse GEJ! Where in Nigeria is safe, please tell me?
I read of a victim who was going for his son’s wedding at Abuja. What a tragic story! This bombings have to stop. If it means GEJ should resign, he should do it pronto, in fact I would launch a campaign of mine, calling for GEJ’s resignation! He should just resign and go!

Posted by @iam_SMD_ for @SMD_Nation


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